Friday, 16 April 2010

Popteen April: western is back


I know~ we're already well into April,
But i still wanna let you guys on the latest.

So everyone should know by now that WESTERN is back~ well if you didnt, now you do~♪♪★
and its leading the fashion scene along with lace and the girly look.

So this be focused just on Fashion with clothings, shoes, accesories.
What to wear, how to wear and what to match it with.


Let's start with the WESTERN STYLE~
the clothings, accesories and shoes


~~~~NEW ~~~~
Check out SECRET MAGIC 's collection as well.
Its a new brand and its super girly, perfect for spring~

Nana-cyan gives us a Big Sister Style VS Lil Sister Style.

For Big sister Style, its about the Silhouette and the mature hint to the style.
Pumps is Best for Style UP!

For the Little sister style, because its Nana-cyan. we wana mix our favorite SURF style with
Western style to get that cute and lively "yurun" style!

Here are some other General Ideas of how to get that WESTERN look


CAN CAN hats!
Its all about the CAN CAN hats this few months. its the big trend for accesories.
Something similar to the Fedora but then again totally different.



The Fringe Bag to go along with your Dangling Shirts and Western style

Natural Girly Style is all about the "kago bag" also known as the "Basket Bag"

These ones are for the Older Sister & Sexy Style
Best Brands are Lip Service and Egoist.

on the left is the Pastel mocomoco Style, the Right is the Monotone Casual Style



For the western look , the most basic is of course Boots & Fringe Boots.
Here are some examples that you can use.

And the GLADIATOR sandals is still in trend! Don't throw away your old pairs, bring them out
and use them again. or better yet, get NEW ones

PUMPS~ its all about the pumps!
So many kinds to choose from: STUDS, PATTERNS, RIBBON.


Maybe you don't fancy the Western style all that much,
well try some of this.

KOAKUMA~ (one of me favorite styles)
Koakuma style has got a new one: Black, lace and ribbon and polka dots together creates the

TRALALA has all the latest on the Koakuma Dolly Girl Style.

~~~~NEW ~~~~
All the girls are going mero-mero for the WC latest character, Kumatan~
Check out the styles they have~~~ kawaiii

I'm a big big lover of COCO LULU~ and to top it off
Nana cyan is their spokesmodel~

And if your wondering what the JC (Joshi kosei a.k.a High school girls) in Japan are wearing,
here you go:


Well that's Popteen April from me.
Luckily for me, i got to see for myself what it really is like in Tokyo and yea
everyone's loving the new trends~

I hope you enjoyed my Popteen April 2010 intros
and i'll be back soon with more




  1. Thanks for sharing dear! I'm loving the styles!

    <33 Rena

  2. Do you know where to get those denim long jumper feature in the japan magazine? Thanks! ^^

  3. Where do you buy your popteen?


    ★Rena★: My pleasure~ if you ever pick up on the styles remember to link it here~ i wana see it ^_^

    ★Zoe★: i'm looking for them in Singapore as well. but i haven found a place that sells the right kind. if you do know, let me know aight~~

    ★Anonymous★: my friends either shipped them in for me from Tokyo or i get them at the local Kinokuniya store. but them come in later.