Monday, 12 April 2010

Japan Music Hit list April

Hey Y'all,

I love music, everyone does! and i haven done a music post in soo long.
So its music time~~!!

I just got off Msn with Keiichi (the guy i'm dating-ish but we'll get to this another time)
and he introduced me songs that is on everyone's ipod in Japan this month.

Lets start


Hill Climb [Shunkanshuto]

if you like "Funky Monkey Babys" your gonna love Hill Climb and this song.
i personally am a big fan of them and this song is really pretty if you listen in on the lyrics.

Mini [ Are U Ready?]

Crowned as the Japanese Lady Gaga~ This song is a little Kpop-ish to be honest.
so those who love a good dance song and is a kpop lover would like this song.

Perfume 「ナチュル恋して」

Perfume [Natural Koi shite]

Perfume's new single!
「ナチュル恋して」which is also the song for the Natural Beauty Basic tv commercial.
omg this song is LOVE LOVE. its perfume but then again its not so perfume, i dunno but i love this song!

oh did i mention, perfect Spring song~

Perfume 「不自然なガール」

Perfume [fushizen na girl]

A more perfume-esque song. I love the art direction of this PV.
I do sense a little Capsule in this though, but since the producer for perfume is capsule's member its to be expected.




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  1. Perfume 「不自然なガール」 のLink は折線しました~!
    Thanks for sharing the great music'~! ^_^