Friday, 9 April 2010

Tokyo Ani Tour Report part 2

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Here's part 2 of the Tokyo Ani Tour Report.
Go here for Part 1:

This will be a GEEKTASTIC post~ so you anime, figurine, manga or simply
OTAKUS~ this is for us!!

Next up,

Danny Choo was our special guest this Tour~ He was in charge of showing everyone Akihabahara through his super otaku eyes.

NKH is doing special documentary on Danny Choo and the filming crew came along to
film the Akihabara tour

I got in on the filming action as well

Ok, lets move on to whats really important.
GOD! i really wanted to get all of them!!!

everyone snapping away


For all you Dolfie Lovers~~

After all that, your bound to get hungry! and where best to relax other than
be pampered and gawk at pretty maids in a MAID CAFE~!

Our maid cafe desintination:
MAILISH maid cafe~
one of the more established maid cafes in Akiba.

Since its a maid cafe, its common knowledge that "NO Photography" is allowed.
So you guys gotta go see it for yourselves~

Let's be contended with the entrance picture hehe

Lunch was good~~ its my 3rd or 4th time to Mailish. I Love how they are different from the rest in design and costume. Mailish is similar to Cure cafe on the aspect of maid personalities.
they are the elegant maids with long dress and they are all extremely polite and sweet~~

After roaming a few more spots in Akihabara, Danny finishes off his Akiba tour with us
~sankyuu Danny choo~

We match! hahahahaah look at our hats~ woot!

While the rest of the tour continued to explore and complete their shopping list in Akihabara.
Peipei and myself went over to Danny's Office~

User66b also joined along, he had a huge mission and "sacrifice" to complete.
Check out what it is in this Danny Choo post

Here we are!!
The GODLIKE office

Mirai-cyan oppai mouse pad~
*epic win*

mine mine all mine!!!!!
My SNOW MIKU nendroid

hohohohhho~ Snow Miku is mine now~~~

I'll be back with Part 3 real soon!
its super exciting! trust me! there's a super surprise in Part 3~~~

Wait for that~~




  1. did you lose weight?

    your face looks a lot slimmer in the last photo ^^

  2. It's like an otaku's wet dream XD Hahaa
    I've never seen a full dolfie display like that before. It was a pretty overwhelming moment for me (^__^;; )


    Anonymous: i did lose weight when i was there. but i gained back all the weight now >_<.

    Charlotte: i know!!!!! omg i wanted to just stay there and not move!!

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