Saturday, 15 May 2010

Gallery De Leco

While i was in Tokyo last march, I met up with Kaname whom i haven seen since AFA last year.
We attended a gallery reception party which he ever so kindly invited me to.

Kaname worked with photographer Yoriko Inoue-san and Editorial designer Haruka-san
and created a fab portrait of him cosplaying as both "Ichigo" and "Grimmjow" of Bleach.

went to the gallery with a "supin", "No make" Kaname.

"Gallery De Leco"
開催場所: ギャラリー・ルデコ(Gallery LE DECO)1F
〒150-0002 東京都渋谷区渋谷3-16-3 ルデコビル

The Gallery we attended was this one:
"Kira Kira Exhibition"

It was a small but awesome Gallery that
featured many designers from different fields.

The Gallery also had free flow of "Belvedere IX Vodka" all night.

** Pictures with love from Kaname~ I forgot to bring my camera with me that day**

Talking to fabulous designer "Adrian Chang" who hails from San-Fransisco.
It was refreshing having a conversation in english with Adrian amongst all the other Japanese designers around.

There was a DJ playing music all night for us and a special pole dance performance later that night which i enjoyed of course (^**^)
Haven been to a gallery in a pretty long time so it was nice talking to budding designers and appreciating the work they do.
Met a ton of cool people that night and of course catching up with the awesome Kaname, who really never ceases to amaze me with his passion for cosplay.

Check out Kaname's blog post on this gallery:



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