Monday, 17 May 2010

Ju Shin Jung

Went out with my family on sunday to have Korean Barbecue Dinner at
JU SHIN JUNG west coast brunch

27 West Coast Highyway #01-19/19
Yess Centre 1F Singapore 117867

The restaurant is branched into 3 outlets, one in the east, katong and west.

Ju Shin Jung west coast boasts a list of Celerity Korean guests with
the likes of FT Island, Brown Eyed Girls and U-Kiss being some of them.
(lol stalk it out if your favorite korean celebrity is in town hahaha)

My brother was the one that suggested to have dinner there being a return customer himself,
he thought that a barbecue would be a fun dinner for the family.
He was surely right, we had a blast passing food and cooking for each other
(though my brother did most of the bbq-ing..i was in charge of eating)

The Side Dishes were Overwhelming, and overwhelming is a understatement
as to how much side dishes were served. Side dishes the amount fit for a king~~

Dinner was definitely filling! we had beef, pork, prawns, mushrooms and all sorts of other stuff.
We had a Bottle of Baekseju gingseng flavored accompanying dinner~

They had these Super Cute Heart-Shaped Watermelons for dessert along with
cold Rice Tea which i enjoyed thoroughly

Having Korean BBQ brings back old memories, to the time when i just moved to Tokyo
and living with my 4 beautiful Korean Unnies whom i owe my knowledge of Korean food etiquette, manners and language to. There was never a dull day with them around~~




  1. Aww I love Korean food.♥

  2. Wow all that food looks so good! I love Korean food too. And those watermelons--so cute! I might have to try heart shaped watermelons the next time I buy a melon, so fun.

    Cute blog!

  3. Hi!

    How much per pax for the dinner? ^^