Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Summer Fashion with Popsister July

Summer is finally upon us! even though sunny singapore is summer all year long
we can almost taste summer as the weather gets even more extreme june through august.

Same goes for many countries, Summer is within our grasp
and its time prep our wardrobe for summer!


Of course, Tsu-cyan has graced the cover for this issue.
Many didnt like how she looks, but i absolultely love it!

Her make up is fresh and very summer ready, playing with brown and green shadow
and that super pink lipstick is to die for!

and that hair! omgosh its sooo cute! its short, blond and super fun.
i'm so gonna get myself a short hair blond wig.


Popsister went to research with the 渋原popular brands on
what will be the hottest fashion trends this summer and have arranged them with rankings!

Ethnic is the Big Main Theme for this Summer and there are loads of styles to play with

Here are some of my Summer Favorite Trends from POPSISTER july 2010

Ranking no.1 with Popsister:


"Ethnic" is everywhere in all the shops this summer~ and the Maxi Dress will be a Mega Hit Item!
A guarenteed fashionable you with just one dress!

Pair it with a Braided headband or Usagi headband and your all set to BE the trend this summer!

Ranking no.2 with Popsister:


With the recent "Ethnic" Boom, there's a big break in "Primary Colors"
The Trick to looking fashionable is with strong solid colors that pop!

Ranking no.3 with Popsister


I'm estatic that this is finally a trend! long gone were the days of bad fashion "Rupert from Survivor"

The Tye Dye trend is hot this summer! Being influenced by "Ethnic" style which is the main theme for this summer.
The Tye Dye trend can be anything from shirts to one piece dresses to accessories.

Ranking no.5 with popsister


A big hit in Spring, the Rompus trend is still a MUST even though its Summer.
you can do a Rompus in Demin, Lace, Patterns and even Border rompus which is perfectfor the beach!

I love the Rompus trend simply because its easy and comfortable to wear and to top that offits soo easy to match it with accesories and you can do so many styles with it.

Ranking no.13 with Popsister


Sparking from the craze with Dangling shirts that ties in the front,
now all kinds of Front-tied shirts are popping up!

not only denim, but with Lace, Floral patterns and even Checkered shirts!
the Front-Tied Shirts (前結び) is going to be a hit this summer!
Its the epitome of summer! wear it to the beach, for a picnic and even out shopping~

Ranking no.14 with Popsister


This trend should definitely be in every girl's closet! you can border shirts, skirts, shorts and even Rompus~

This is the staple must for those who love the Marine trend.
Pair a jeans like (Tomoko-cyan below) and you'll have the Casual Marine look.

Ranking no. 36 with Popsister


This year's big hit color Beige will also be the color for our shoes!
Beige can be put together with almost any outfit and this summer, its a MUST to have a beige nudy pair of Sandles!

Ranking no.37 with Popsister


Gladiators which have steadily become a permanent fixture in fashion,
We shall not exclude them from this summer!

Even though it looks rough, but with the skin peeking through the belted areas,
it definitely balances the whole look for a "rough but cute" style.

There it is. What i really like and look forward this Summer. I'll be back with more POPSISTER JULY SUMMER edition




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