Saturday, 27 November 2010

4more days to AFA-X

Hey Y'all

AFA-X is in 4 days!!

Everyone at the sozo office is mad rushing finishing up the final details and its exciting to be part of the whole craziness. Its been a year since i've started working with Sozo and its been nothing short of amazing.

From the staffs that are incredibly talented and hardworking, to the impeccable executions of events and of course how much they all love Anime and Japanese pop culture.

And once again, the biggest event of them all is happening in the next 4days!!! Although rehearsals starts in 2days ^_^


I’m so honoured to be working with such extraordinary individuals. They are soooo underrated and for those who are complaining, you can all “shut the fu*k up and shove that head up your a*s" because none of ya’ll can do the work these people can.



and on that note:

I hope everyone's looking forward to Moe Moe Kyun this year!

Check out the ANIME VERSION of us girls!!

i'm the one in the middle (the one that looks like Taiga from Toradora). Even my height is reflected in my anime character. i'm the shortest of the lot! and i'm the student council president >_<~

I'll be updating soon!



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