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AFA-X press preview

Hey Y'all

How was AFA-X for everyone?!?!?!

I had a blast!!!!! i hope the senpais at Moe Moe Kyun don't hate me for not being there most of the time. Trust me, i wish i were there having fun with everyone!

I was the main stage emcee throughout AFA-X including the " I love Anisong" concerts so i couldn't be at MMK all the time. BUT i did try to be there as much as my schedule allowed me to!

But with all the craziness going on, i didn't take alot of pictures. Instead i had others helping me with pictures, so you guys gotta wait a little for pictures aight.

I'M SOOOOO SORRY bout that!

Oh, and you guys know how lazy i am with blogging.. so i created a Facebook page for quicker updates and its easier to talk and interact with everyone there.

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-->Its just to the RIGHT.

But let's try doing the AFA-X press preview that was on the 12th november with guest appearance by the "I LOVE ANISONG" artists and AFA-X guest~

I was emceeing the event along with Danny Choo and my co-host Daisuke cyan.

*pictures credits to Danny's blog, Ani-culture, Alafista*

The Press Preview was held in the early afternoon on the 12th november where only folks of the press and media were invited to.
So i'm here to share with you guys what went down during that time!!


Got there bright and early 9am for the stage rehearsal and morning greetings to the artists. The stage rehearsal was quite the sight, we had 38 artists on stage excluding the the emcees and translator! the stage crew had quite the headache sorting out the arrangement and to top it off we had a last minute change in arrangement 5minutes before the real deal~

But here we go!

Shawn Chin a.k.a BOSS MAN! introducing what we can expect this year at AFA-X!


Danny Choo on stage! I tested him on his Singlish and as expected he passed with Flying colors!



All the artists on stage! From Danny's viewing point



Here's who i interviewed in the press preview


Kaname is hella good looking as usual! Kaname was supposed to cosplay"Okita Souji from Hakuouki", we talked before and he said he'll do it. but... he's forgiven since he had a good excuse "Singapore doesn't allow Katanas" but he said he'll do it if he can find the katana here. hohoho. i wanna see Okita!!!

Aira is gorgeous! tall, skinny and her nose is perfect! She's a really nice girl as well, really independent and mature. i drooled at her black rock shooter cosplay >_<~~~

Alodia~ was good to see her again! i'm still blinded by her beauty! she should just go into mainstream modelling and acting! she's tooooo pretty not to. oh and it was great to see Tita (aunty) again! always so friendly and sweet!


First time in singapore: ANGELA

Atsuko-san is small! i never imagined her to be shorter than me but her voice trumps everything! Katsu onnisama is the nicest guy! he has the cutest smile and he's always joining in the stage programs sitting down in the front row. (did you guys notice? he was there at the Madrock scramble screening as well)


3rd time and hopefully not the last: MAY'N

I love this girl! its my 3rd time seeing her and she's sooo cute! its been a few months since i last saw her at the Malaysia asia tour~ she likes my black hair! *thank god* she couldnt recognize me at first but once i called her she went "aaaah! Yoshimi cyan! you changed your hair color again! you look more ladylike now!"

May'n never fails to awe me in the performances, she changes 180degrees when she's on stage.



and of course the one everyone's waiting for: SCANDAL

Craps! the girls are tiny! Haruna's shorter than me! imagine that! i never would have imagined that, she looks tall in videos! Tomomi is crazy skinny and the girls look dang good!!



Danny interviewed


man i couldnt focus on who i should look at. i didn't talk to many, i spend most time talking to Miyazawa Sae. she's a real darling. talked to Akimoto Sayaka and Kasai Tomomi a little as well. only said my greetings to everyone's favorite Mayuyu (ok..her ASS is PERFECT! i wanna smack it! lol). everyone was really nice and well they're all school girls so they were on their phones a lot during rehearsals.

one last thing to note, the girls look WAY better in real life. oh yea and Tomomi resembles Dawn yang 98%.



Milky holmes

the look way better in real life, and their life performance was GOOOOD! the costumes don't do them justice at all >_<



Jam Project

I'm still suffering from POST JAM-PROJECT!!!! I want more of them!!! Fukuyama-san is still my favorite, he reminds me of santa clause "ROCK" version! but saying that, they're ALL really nice and friendly. they are all so warm and accommodating!




he's back! I don't care what others say but Aniki deserves all the love and respect from ALL otakus! he single handedly created and started Anisong and i love him for that. he might be getting old but he's still got it!

Group pictures with the Emcees as well!

After the press preview, each artist has individual media interview later on and i went back to the hotel to rest before coming back in the evening for the AKB48 concert

I'll blog on AFA-X Day 1 soon!


Ferlyn Yoshimi

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