Friday, 17 December 2010

Erina cyan

Hey Y'all

How's the week been for everyone!?

Tokyo has gotten crazy cold over the last 2days!
The weather has dipped from a healthy 15degree to a cold cold 6degree....i'm sooo not getting used to the cold.

anyway, i went out with Erina-cyan the other day!!
I've not seen this little cutie since Summer (july-august-ish) and we had a blast hanging out~

We went for Karaoke

Erina is a huge anime otaku like myself~hehehe
she belted out like 5 of Hatsune miku songs~ oh btw the little girl can sing! the voice is soooo dang cute~

Then we of course went for a purikura session!
her friends recommended her this new machine and oh my lord is it good! they do alot of the stuff for you so you basically just have ta take the picture and thats it. love it

Its crazy how much they "enlarge" your eyes for you! i think its way too much but oh well.

By the way Erina is in the 2nd year of high school! man!!

i wanna study in a Japanese high school! i wanna wear the blazer uniform soooo badly! and get myself a cute high school boyfriend..... go and dates, shopping and karaoke!!! *dreaming.....***

we had dinner after that~

Dinner menu for the day

Monjayaki ( もんじゃ焼き)
Roll Yakisoba(omelette yaki soba)

Cesar Salad with Raw Egg Topping

you gotta do it yourself so here's the demonstration

After all that mixing, you gotta put in the gravy in the middle,
let it cook for a few minutes and you spread it out evenly

Looks like crap, but it taste goood!
if you guys are ever in Tokyo, call me up i'll bring you guys to a restaurant to have a taste of this!!

We ended off the day with CREPE (yummy!) and a shopping trip at ANIMATE!!
they've got sooo many new stuff coming in! i made reservations for a few new goods that are coming in next month! the Hakuouki goods are coming in soon!! omg!! i cant wait!!

i'll blog again real soon!

Till then,
Stay Safe Y'all


Ferlyn Yoshimi


  1. OMG!!!looks good~wanna try the food too!and you're a Hakuouki fan too?!*five*!!!they are sooo freaking cool!
    will you still be in Japan during march? it's my first time to Japan,so i was hoping you could bring me around or something>_<

  2. OMG YOSHIMI! What Hakuouki Goods!!! D:!!

  3. Wow, the way they enlarge everyone's eyes is pretty extreme, but quite cute too - really looks like anime! looks like you had a fun time!