Saturday, 11 December 2010

Mozart Chocolate Cream Gold

Hey Y'all

So i was at DONKIHOTE the other day getting myself a few household appliances.
I love that place by the way! its like a 24hours "walmart" or "home depot" but everything's way cheaper!

So i got myself a new kettle and what not right..

and of course i went to the "supermarket" section of donkihote and swing by the alcohol aisle..
Since its almost christmas i thought you know..
getting a little nice bottle of something to drink at home.

And i pass by this gorgeous little thing!

I was like


Its Austrian chocolate cream liqueur~! i absolutely love them!
Its really rich and creamy and the chocolate flavor is sooo rich i love it!

I either pop a couple of ice into a glass and pour a shot of this chocolate liqueur and drink it up~
Chill it real cold and pour it into a nice martini glass.

Best thing about this baby here is the packaging!
Its too cute but yet elegant and classy at the same time~Perfect to bring to a Christmas party with the ladies!

Drink up everyone!



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