Saturday, 11 December 2010

2011 schedule journal

Hey Y'all

sorry about the 1week absence.
anyway, i recently went and got myself a 2011 Schedule Journal.

I'm not sure if a schedule journal is a big thing where you guys come from but in Japan, or Tokyo at least..
almost everyone carries a schedule book with them at ALL times.

Its for keeping track with what's going on, work schedules, birthdays and of course your everyday expense.
Teenagers and adult alike, all carry one with them to keep everything in order.

Here's what mine looks like inside.
Just a quick look at the month. they are more detailed pages just after the "month" and notes at the back for more reference.

what i like about the schedule books in Japan is that they have the world map, calorie counters and the Subway map at the last few pages of the book.

Oh i got a few pairs of heels the other day at ALTA.
This one has leopard prints on the heels, classic with a edge.

Its christmas in a few days and i gotta go get myself the perfect christmas outfit!
I'm soooo excited! i love christmas!

Tentative plan for this Christmas is drinks in the evening with a bunch of friends,
then off to church for Christmas Mass

then.. ending the night with a full night of partying in Roppongi~
sounds pretty good to me!

('ll be nice to spend xmas with a "boyfriend" for a change but this will do this year)



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