Sunday, 5 December 2010

Purikura. weird weather

Hey y'all

Went out to Harajuku with Midori-cyan today. she's just the loveliest girl. she's really sensible for her age as well. i love girls like her, great manners with such a lovely personality.


The beautiful Christmas Illuminations in Omotesando
(a stone throw away from Harajuku)
Omotesando is known for their Christmas Illuminations every year, other spots would include the Roppongi Hills.
I recommend everyone who's in Tokyo this december to definitely check them out if you guys have the time.

how did the weekend treat all you guys??

Mine was Awesome....

until i heard the news that the "Manchester united vs Blackpool" match was canceled due to the extreme weather conditions in Britain.

That made my day Sh*t .... but i feel bad for the guys in Britain now. it must be crazy cold out there.
it was in the news that the airports and most form of transportation has been ceased...

and on the other hand,
EXTREME weather has hit Tokyo as well! it is warm as hell here in Tokyo.
on the account that its winter here......... it is warm!
It was bloody hell 23degrees the other day~~

Ok~ i may be taking the level of exaggeration a little too far, it aint warm but it sure aint cold.
I CANT wear my winter jackets. i'll feel stuffed. so i'm usually just out with spring/autumn-ish jackets.

Stay warm everyone.


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  1. I wish I can visit Japan during this time! I love Christmas so much because of the lights everywhere. It's so magical, just like walking around in a Christmas movie heehee. Your purikura pictures are so cute! <3

    The weather has been insane lately! Damn global warming... at least it was raining today, but somedays over here it's hot and sunny. Not to mention the leaves are just now STARTING to change color. I miss the '90s. *cry*