Thursday, 2 December 2010

Room Wear

Ok, i'll admit i'm not too big of a "Room-Wear" girl. i got no boyfriend and i'm lazy to dress up at my own dang place but after flipping through popteen and popsister, one can't help but fall in love with the
"Room-Wear" Fashion!!

And soo...

I went out to Shibuya 109 today and got myself a couple of "Pajamas (PJs)"!
I forgot the name of the store which i got mine at. they werent in Shibuya 109, but the boutiques around the area.

Moko-moko fur ones are soooo cute and fluffy~
and they're soooo soft and warm during the cold winter nights~

( i'm not looking into the camera because i took out my lens and lashes before taking the photo >_<~ )
*too embarrassed to show you guys!!*

Sorry~ i only got pictures of this one. i put them all for washing before taking photos #_#~
This one is Beige and Pink(at the edges) and it has 2 Fur-balls dropping at the ends of the hood~ super cute! oh and the hood are cat-ears~!

Oh i got myself room-slippers~ I can NEVER get enough of Animal Print~
and its pink! super cute

I got a bunch of other stuff from *Egoist* as well but I put them all to wash before taking pictures as well #_#~
Sorry guys! will do it next time round!

Till next time!
I hope all you guys are doing good!

Stay safe and warm




  1. Kawaii~ no I'm not a stalked but your new pj is cute and furry. And it looks like a bath rode... sexy...

  2. You look like a little girl! <3

  3. 美しいです。and you are more beautiful with your glasses on. no boyfriend? hm, why don't we start a relationship? it will be just for fun ^^

  4. may i ask how much does it cost for one pj? :)