Monday, 27 December 2010

Xmas Eve Scandal Concert

Hey Y'all

I hope everyone's xmas was jolly and warm!
how did you guys spend this year's xmas eve??

Mine was pretty exciting this year! not so much the party but more on the company that i had~

I went to Scandal's Xmas eve Concert
[BEST ★Xmas 2]

Long story short, i met up with Naoki-san whom works with Epic record (Scandal's record company) for lunch the other day and he invited me to Scandal's concert since i've worked with the girls before.

I met Naoki-san in 2009 at EOY 09 when i worked with Makino Yui at her Singapore concert, Naoki san was the record company representive that came with her.

The concert was held at the Yebisu Garden Hall at the Yebisu Garden place
(which is so breathtakingly beautiful during xmas)


The whole place was decorated with lights and stuff, it was soo romantic.
Its about 5minutes walk from the entrance of the garden place to the concert hall (garden hall).

And it was the longest 5minute walk of my life!
the 5minute walk consisted of looking at couples holding hands, hugging it out and bloody hell one couple was sharing a damn muffler (like the scenes we see in animes...)

Anyhow, after i got to the concert hall. i had to register my name with the staff since i'm not a proper "ticket holder" i was considered a "guest" instead, well works for me either way.. haha as long as i get to watch the concert!

There was a queue for "ticket holders" and all i saw was teenage boys dressing in "scandal t-shirts" and high school girls in their uniform being all excited~
it was a sight for me to see them cute teenage boys being all fanboy-ish hahahahahah

(Prohibited unless your a guest/staff)

Anyway i proceeded to level 3 (Quest Viewing Room). Level one was the whole ground hall(standing), and guest were guided to level 3 (seated) with elevated viewing.
Was good to have seats but its too dang far from the stage! but i aint complaining, i'm excited and grateful just to get ta watch the concert!

Concert started with the background music playing, pre-recorded introduction of the girls in a disney kinda way. the girls were dressed in red cloaks~ super cute!

Rina was awesome with the drums! man i freaking love female drummers! coolest people alive!

there was a section where the girls showed off their dance moves (impressive dance skills btw!), props to Haruna and Tomomi. em two were brilliant dancers!
and they proceeded into "emceeing" and even had a special on-stage xmas gift exchange

Scandal performing to a sell-out crowd~the hall capacity was over 1500 people and it was packed!
kudos to the girls and the concert was brilliant!

I'm really excited for their next single "PRIDE" which will the ending theme song for Anime series
Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto
the single will be out in early 2011.



Went over to the lounge backstage area to say hi to the girls and their manager after the concert.
Apparently, there was a after party with all the invited guests.

and the invited guests were all the artists and talents from the talent agency
*Hot, cute men galore!!!* seriously, there were like plenty of cute tall boys everywhere *droolssss*
and to top it off, free flow of alcohol and food!

I didnt get the chance to speak to the girls much during AFA since i was pretty much crazy busy emceeing~
Its awesome that they are my age, its sooo easy to talk to people your own age ^_^

In case you guys were wondering "Are you that short?!!?" Haruna and i are the same height~ (153cm) but i bent down a little here since i was in the middle and we needed to squeeze to get the shot.

I talked to Tomomi the most during the after party, the girl is off the hook funny and cute as hell!
and you GOTTA LOVE the Kansai accent! i'm pretty used to the Kansai accent thanks to a good friend from osaka.
we talked about everything from her family to make up (oh man.. we were going on and on on the different makeup styles) and boys ( of course) haha.
she was really nice and kept introducing me to the other talents/artists >_<~ (which was extremely embarrassing... considering i'm not even a staff of the production/concert)

I was really surprised Mami remembered we were the same age. i honestly dont remember telling my age the last time we met. and yes, Mami is freaking funny! she might seem like the moma of the group at first, but once you get to know her, she's crazy funny!


and Haruna came with another shocker, she was like
Haruna: "Yoshimi, your gonna be in Tokyo till end february right? we gotta hang out while your here"
me: "How the hell do you know that?!"
Haruna: "Oh, i read from your twitter"
me: "Bloody hell, you actually bother to read my tweets.. even though their in english"

I completely forgot that the girls were following my twitter~ we exchanged twitter addresses during AFA
Haruna has the prettiest nose ever!! i want her nose!
Haruna is the mature one in the group, i guess it comes with age since she's the oldest and she's very easy to talk to. Plus we're the same height! super happy about that hohohoho


Rina was running here and there the whole time that we didnt really talk much.
but we did chat for a while at the beginning. i really adore this girl's mad drumming skills. she looks so good with the drums! i must get her to give me a few private lessons! hohoho


Haha i think i mumbled too much on Scandal! thats for all you scandal fans!
I want to write more but i cant for the privacy of the girls!

After the after-party was another after-party with just the girls, manager and a few other staff. they invited me along but i couldnt go since i had other plans already made.

Went over to the Hub for christmas countdown with Amanda, sunshine onni and the guys~!
The Irish Hub over at Ikebukuro has really become a gathering place for us to just hang out~






  1. Hello Yoshimi,
    I like ur photo with scandal! U so lucky! ^^

    xx, lisa

  2. Uwaaa~
    Your christmas is so awesome!! XD
    And all the hawt , cute male idols?!?! O//O
    *envious* >//<

  3. awwww.. so lucky :(

    i wanna see them live even once before i die LOL
    too bad im not from Japan and im too poor to go there ~ nice one Ms. Yoshimi ~ keep it up