Thursday, 13 January 2011

Korean town in Tokyo

Hey Y'all

Next time you guys come around in Tokyo, try and stop by "Shin-Okubo"
which is the "Korean town" of Tokyo.

i lived in "Shin-Okubo" for 3months or so 3years ago with 4 lovely korean girls, who until today, remained as my big sisters who i love and adore.

Anyway, back to "Shin-Okubo"
It has really "Up-ed" its KOREAN factor over the years. there are now plenty of "KOREAN POP" shops that sells aplenty of K-POP goodies like posters, pillows, cd, pictures and what not. its crazy...

there are HELLA lot of Koreans in Tokyo, well all over Japan since its just 2hours away.
And the demand for Korean cuisine and goods have shot over the roof lately and "Shin-okubo" definitely grabs top spot for "Korean goods" in Tokyo.

Went and had Korean food for dinner~
i'm a HUGE korean food fan! i absolutely love Korean food. ever since i've lived with my Korean sisters, i've been a avid fan of their food

the store was playing ALL the latest K-POP songs and they dont stop there!
The walls are decorated with K-POP stars and such!

Tteokbokki トッポッキ is LOVE

Bimbimba ビビンバ is Epic

So if you wanna experience Korea in Tokyo, don't forget to drop by SHIN-OKUBO.
its just a station away from Shinjuku on the Yamanote Line.

take care and Stay Warm!




  1. that snsd run devil run poster was 300 yen?? O___O <3 and the food looks yummy.. *__*

  2. Yummy food! :D and I didn't know about Shin-Okubo, Thanks for introducing it :)