Tuesday, 18 January 2011

LaQua Spa

Hey Y'all

I had one of the best day out in this bitter winter last week with Hitomi~
We went to LaQua Spa over at LaQua Tokyo Dome City


LaQua is over at Korakuen which is where Tokyo Dome is and its about 5mins away from Ikebukuro station.
It has its own Amusement park with a roller coaster that loops around the whole establishment


I am a crepe addict! dont matter if its in the sweltering heat or dead in the winter, i'll have my crepe any time or season!


LaQua Spa

one of the most well known SPA place in Tokyo that has both indoor and outdoor hot bath/onsens as well as a healing baden which boasts a plenty of different rooms that offers healing treatments.


Upon arrival, you'll be given your locker key first, which is "automated" how awesome is that.


After changing into our "hot bath" outfit which was provided by the spa (which i felt was completely pointless, since we're gonna take it off anyway)

we headed into the onsen and had to strip down into our "Birthday suit aka Naked" and join the other naked ladies in the baths. hehehehe

(the outdoor onsen was TO DIE FOR! it was heaven on earth with the cold wind on your face and the rest of your body soaked in hot water)


After resting in the onsen for over 45mins~
we went over to the lounge to rest a little and watch a little tv

there were a bundle of Lounge areas to choose from, and we chose this airplane looking like lounge area
(seriously, if only "Coach aka economy class" seats on the plane were as comfortable as this)


After resting and cooling ourselves down,
we geared up for the "healing baden" which is another section of the spa.


we had to change to another set of "outfit" for this section, the top was made for sweat resistance . didnt understand why at first but i got why it was after getting out hahaha


Sauna "Hot stone" room where you lay down in your individual corner and sweat it out.
its really good for your skin and overall health and works as a good detox as well.

when we got outta there, i thank the spa for the "sweat resistant shirt" i was sweating like a monkey!!


one of the "coolest" room in the healing baden was the "cool" room. which was a room that was set under 5 degree Celsius and its good for your body in some way which i cant remember .

Reason i said it was the "coolest" and it was "cool" (forgive the pun!) was it had a built in aquarium with these guys in it

you can chill in the cool weather of the room while admiring these lovely creatures float about.


Went out to the resting area of the healing baden after to chill out for a bit


went for another round of onsen before showering up and heading out to dinner!

BIG BIG recommendation to LaQua Spa if you ever want a onsen/spa experience without leaving Tokyo!

Stay safe and warm




  1. Thanks for sharing this!
    I'm actually moving to Yokohama soon and this looks like a place that I would love to check out while I'm there! :)

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  3. Hello yoshimi, can i ask you a question?
    :) How to become so succesful like you?
    as in, you can meet people like scandal and go to japan and even host in afa events. :) i would want to have a life like you! you are a good role model. ^^

  4. amazing photos ! those crepes look so good and the jellyfish are so cute.