Monday, 31 January 2011

Aivil Hair Curler (Japan)

Hey Y'all

Sorry i haven updated in 2 weeks but i've got exciting updates!

I have a friend who's a Hair and Make Up Stylist for celebs here in Tokyo and i asked a favor of her a few weeks back.

she did my hair for me once, ( we went to a dinner party together)
and i fell in love with the hair curler she was using.

found out that only "Stylists" can get those Hair curlers since it was for "professionals" and only stylist catalog has them.

so i begged my friend to order one for me

and i went to pick it up last week!!

アイビルDHセラミックアイロン 32mm

Aivil DH Ceramic Iron 32mm

I got it for 4,500yen

But apparently you can get this online from the AIVIL online store

but the retail price on the online store is

Price 価格(税込) 8,400 円

Online website


This is one of the most popular hair irons amongst stylist here in Tokyo.
The stylist for POPTEEN models and VIVI mostly use this iron as well~~~

i used to take about 30mins to get my hair done since the curlers werent as hot and as sturdy as this one, now
i take only 10 mins to curl my entire head of hair

(did a simple "mix" curl starting from below my ears, curled my fringe away from my face)

I honestly recommend this curler to EVERYONE and ANYONE who loves styling their hair.
This is the "easiest to use" curler i have.
its light, doesn't clamp down on your hair too hard and its hot enough to allow your curl to stay without hair spray.

Style away!



  1. whoa, nice curls! indeed the curling iron works really well :D

  2. Gorgeous!!!
    Have to agree about the professional use ones are so much better. I got my straightener from professional use also! But I soooo want this curler!! Your curls are just so pretty~

  3. waaaa!!

    lucky you!!

    i want them too! >.<

  4. Can this be used in Singapore? Tempted to buy this online!

  5. wow looks realy good you have such beautiful hair love it ♥

  6. Hey, im interested to buy the curler!
    Is it possible to buy in online when I'm in Singapore?

  7. HI, just to check with you. Since this is a Japan product, the plug is different, as well as the voltage, Aivil DH creamic is 110V and Singapore Voltage is 220V, still able to use it in Singapore in this case? I am so afraid it will burn my curler. I bought one recently and didnt dare to use it.