Thursday, 10 February 2011

Japanese School uniform

Hey Y'all

check out the title of the post~
peculiar i know~ ^_^

And so the story goes....

I went to a friend's house the other week and i look through her closet and saw her uber cute school uniform hanging on the side

and of course..

i had to try it on~

*took the picture without putting the bow on #_#* idiotic of me...*

anyhow, this post isn't about me or the fact i didnt put the bow on.
its about

where you guys can get the "uniform"

I get tons of questions about where to "get" the Japan school girl stuffs
here i am with answers

Firstly you gotta know that most schools dont have a school uniform code, so the girls
mix and match their skirts/bows.

1) inside shirt - Its just a plain old white shirt (long or short sleeves). you can get it at any department store or even a apparel store. *no specific stores*
Term in Japanese: Y Shirt *pronounce as Wai sya-tsu*

2) School skirt - most get them from uniform stores found around town.
(theres one in Harajuku and Sunshine city in Ikebukuro)

Term in Japanese *su-ka-to* - the store in Harajuku
Skirts, shirts, bows, tie can all be found here. *boys as well*

3) Sweater - Almost all high schoolers get them from UNIQLO specifically.
the one i'm wearing is also from uniqlo.

Term in Japanese *Se-ta*

4) Socks - black, white, loose socks. basically you can get them from every socks/stocking store. they should have it.
if you worried try shibuya/Harajuku streets. i guarantee you'll find a store

Term in Japanese: Socks *pronounce as So-ku-su*

5) Shoes aka Loafers - Try "Donkihote". they have them pretty cheap like 3,000yen.

Term in Japanese : *ro-fa-*

6) bows/tie: try "paris kids" in Takeshita dori (Harajuku) or any big accesory store. they should cost
no more than 500yen. Ties try department stores

Term in Japanese *ri-bon* for ribbon and *ne-ku-tai* for necktie*

7) Bag - Donkihote or Department stores. no more than 4000yen.

Term in Japanese *ba-gu*

I hope this helped some of you girls and guys who are looking at getting the whole look

Stay safe~




  1. Thank you for sharing <3
    Im thinking of visiting a fake uniform store when I go to japan <3 even tho Im abit younger than the High schoolers...;;

  2. thanks for sharing.

    the skirt from conomi is super expensive >.<

  3. hi..
    Where can i find the sushi shop in Roppongi?
    Is it near the Roppongi station? Near the Donkihote?


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