Friday, 18 November 2011

AFA 2011 finish

Hey Ya'll

Boy am i tired!
Done with AFA 2011~

I was back in singapore last week for AFA 2011~!!!
a very last minute decision to head back and co-host with the great Danny Choo~
I couldnt miss AFA after being a part of this amazing event.

I wanna blog about it but i was too busy this year to take any picture at all as well.
and the ones i take with the artists cant be posted here >_<~ oh well.

on stage with danny

stage rehearsals~ which took all day but i had alot of laughs hahaah
with our AFA mama Stage director Maho~ the one who creates magic on stage we LOVE YOU MAHO!!

I'll try to find more pictures soon.
but to EVERYONE who went to AFA 2011

and i hope my Emcee-ing was alright for all of yall

LOVE always
Ferlyn Yoshimi

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