Monday, 21 May 2012

TRAVEL onsen trip: Shiobara Onsen (part 1)

Hey everyone

one of the big reasons why i havent been blogging like i used to is because of school
(not really, i'm just really REALLY lazy). i need inspiration to blog!


i had a great start to april~ finished with my 2nd semester finals and I PASSED FREAKING ALGEBRA! that itself is a HUGE cause for celebrationnnnnnnnnnnn

a couple of schoolmates and myself went on a 3day/2night trip to SHIOBARA ONSEN
which is located in Tochigi, about a 2hours drive from Tokyo.


after a 2hour ride from tokyo, we arrive at the scenic Shiobara onsen, tucked away in quiet Tochigi
Beautiful beautiful scenery, what a change from the hustling and bustling of tokyo.

do you see what i see????

we couldnt figure out what it is eventually... but its nice to see wildlife roaming around freely!

Japanese uncles fishing on the stream, i couldnt see a single fish but somehow these uncles caught a couple of huge ones.

Juri (my lil sister) on the suspension bridge.

yep, those two monkeys there are my friends haha

our hotel room in japanese style. 2person per room and it was huge!! balcony in every room that looks over the river and mountains in the background. who could ask for more.

Tohru, Irinka, Tiffany, Albert, Ilie, Rina, Naoki, Juri

Me and Rina,
I know i know... i'm not wearing a yukata. im the only one thats not...

Juri, Rina, Me

The girls

The cuteeee couple Juri and Naoki.
two of my favorite people together in love, how sweeeeet is that!
Naoki's meeee bro!!! love you Naoki

Day 2
had loads plan for the day, unfortunately tiffany had to leave back to tokyo that day. she could only stay for a day. we miss you already Tiff >_<

Horse carriage ride around town first thing in the morning (after breakfast of course)
Hana-cyan is our horsey

huge scary bobbing head japanese aunty


i forgot to bring my bloody sunglasses with me and the sun was way up in the sky, had to hood up with my jacket.
(FYI: Ilie scared me in the left there, almost fell into the bloody pond)

Open wide!!!
i didnt know they could do that, that big!

the cute couple fishing, you can see the fish outta the pond by naoki's rod in the middle.

Freshly grilled!
The uncle at the fishing place immediately grilled and marinated the fishes with only salt.
freshest fish i ever tasted!

here we gooooo

me and Rina
(I borrowed Ilie's glasses for a bit. the sun was way to strong. i couldnt open my eyes and i was sitting facing the bloody sun)

the other cute couple Ilie and Rina
Ilie's my brother from another mother. love the guy.

Be back soon.
i dont wanna flood this post too much hohohohoo

Love Always
Ferlyn Yoshimi


  1. Wooooo was a great trip :D!! Shiobara Onsen is a lovely place.
    Greetings Ferlyn

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