Thursday, 10 May 2012

Pastels for spring (Spring Gyaru Fashion 2012)

Hey everyone,

I havent done a Japanese Fashion blog in almost a year now. its not i dont follow the trend, i just dont blog about it anymore.

but i decided to jump back into the band wagon and start blogging about Japanese fashion again since i'm living right smack in the middle of it all, TOKYO.

Its SPRING SPRING SPRING and the spring trend is spotted everywhere in Tokyo now.
So what's the current trend?

For starters, the weather has lighten up from the bitter cold of winter and our moods have all lifted along with the season. that goes for colors as well.....



think of PINK, YELLOW, BLUE, GREEN, ORANGE, PURPLE, BEIGE and the ice cream shades.
the trend is not only rocked out in Japan, but in all the major fashion cities everywhere. think Milan, Paris, New York, everyone is rocking the pastels.

Men's jacket in pastels are all the rage~ Think boyfriend shirts in jacket form. its not supposed to be fitted and the length should go by your hips and butts.

be brave and take on colors you never dared to.
think orange, pink, sky blue, mint colors. my personal recommendations are MINT and PINK jackets. they are sooo easy to match with and are such a bold statement.

the weather's perfect now, its not too cold that you need tights, perfect to show off those pretty gams (legs) of yours now.
show off those sexy legs of yours by choosing a knee length flowy dress

Knee length skirts and minis are also favorites of spring
pleats, frills, lace are a perfect choice of material for your bottom wear.

just remember not to go toooo pastel crazy and mix-match wrongly the colors.
rule to remember: never put on more than 2 trend in a outfit.

stick to a pastel jacket or a pastel colored bottom and pair it with a plain top, a blouse is perfect for spring.

Be back with another TREND for SPRING.

Love always
Ferlyn Yoshimi

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