Sunday, 6 May 2012

Scandal Budokan (short)

Hello everyone,

i know its been months since i last posted.
i promised a scandal post but i completely forgotten about it.

anyway, the concert was a blast! the girls were A-MAZING
i haven seen them in almost half a year, the last time i saw them was in november 2011 for their shibuya live.

Entrance to Budokan

Merchandise. wanted to get the towel but they were all sold out.

I was seated at the guest area on the 2nd floor tier area with the other guests from kitty agency, the talent agency the girls are with.

sold out crowd.

the set list was incredible, everything from their indies period to the debut songs like "doll" and the latest singles like "harukaze".

i was talking to one of the label people from epic records and they were telling me how much the girls have grown since forming the band. they couldnt even play properly at the beginning and transforming into the rock stars they are today.
i couldnt be more happier for the girls

went to dinner with the sozo gang that came from Singapore to do some business work and guys from the industry as well.

i didnt get a photo with the girls this time but i promised i'll get photos the next time i see them which would probably be somewhere this month or in june.

Love always
Ferlyn Yoshimi

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