Monday, 26 March 2012

spring spring spring

Helloooo everyone,

Just a FIY, the post's all wordy and all. but its not too long. just a quite update for everyone.

Spring is finally upon us! I've been waiting what seemed like forever for the season to change~ Winter never fails to bring my entire mood down and it never seems to end UNTIL now!

winter seemed to have dragged its lazy ass all the way till late march... but now that April is just a couple of days away we finally see a nice change to the weather here in Japan. Yes there have been a couple of rainy days but the warmer weather is SOOO WELCOME!

April's gonna be awesome! i can already tellllll

Its sakura season early april so im gonna do a little "hanami" [flower viewing]with a couple of friends and mates.

Then its off to a 3 day onsen trip with the mates in school!
I cant wait to just relax and do ABSOLUTELY nothing for 3 days except soak in the natural hot springs and down a couple of beers accompanied by lovely dishes served by the inn-owner

Plus the season's changing and i need some changing myself.
I'm letting go of my dark black hair! (i know some of you are jumping in joy now.. all you anti-black hair protestors!)
I still haven decided on what color im gonna go with, im a little stuck with choices.

ok, guess that's all for now.
I've gotta finish up my outline and draft for my research paper AND
i've got SCANDAL's BUDOKAN on wednesday 28th march 2012! i'm all excited for that!

I'll update soon on the Scandal budokan with pics and news aight!

Ferlyn Yoshimi

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