Wednesday, 21 March 2012

International Food Festival

hey Y'all

I know i haven blogged in forever. BUT i have been updating my facebook page pretty often so if your bored and got nothing better to do, go check that out.

Anyway, my school held a International Food Festival a few days ago, an event set up by the international club~ there was food from various countries prepared by students from the school.

The food wasn't free but ALL the proceeds will go directly to the TOHOKU community in our school which will help the Earthquake/Tsunami victims. so its all for a wonderful cause.

Mexican Tacos in the mix

可愛いジュリこ!Kawaii Juri part of the international club, setting up the event area for the day.

Irinka who took most of these pictures and also made Russian food for us.
oishikatta yoooo~

School lobby turned into a event area

Tohru's face : Priceless!

Me and the gang (minus Juri who was busy doing her job as a club member)
Naoki, Ilie, Rina, Namiko

me and my lil bro Kouhei (who has the best smile in school)

my cute lil bro Kouhei and pretty Hiroko
with Yousuke behind Hiroko with a omake face lol

me and Taka-cyan (Takahiro, there's 2 of them in school)
Who's tall as hell! and always calling me "chibi"--> little one. i'm a head shorter than him, this is me with 5inch heels on!!! ちびいちいち呼ぶな!このでかい人!

Mike, Eigo, Namiko, Takahiro and Keito

Charlie introducing the event, who we all gotta give props to for making this happen.

Eigo and Ilie~ on the guitar and percussion.
mad talent they have


Ilie, Naoki, Eigo and myself decided to do something for the event and since its a international event and we're a international school. we decided to go with Lady Gaga's "Born this way" to show our love to everyone!

HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE MY SHOES?! they are a whopping 5 inch tall!

The mic was terrible (well the mics and sound system were not made for performance purposes)
but i had a blast singing with my boys despite the sound.

Up next was the INCREDIBLE dance number by the dance club.
this girls were fantastic. they did a traditional dance which was sooooo cool.

Ryoma singing with Charlie and Nakayama-san on the guitars.
I always love hearing Ryoma sing~

Done with the event!!!
Sode came to the event as well! i haven seen him in awhile since he transferred out to a Japanese university. him and his physics....

My poor hat was "raped" by Robert and Shoutara (aka sho-chan)

I like how the glass is strategically placed in front of Rob's crotch.
He soo looked like Jason Mraz with me hat and him looking down

My kawaii 後輩 kouhai(junior) sho-chan.
he calls me "senpai" every morning. how cute is that~!

Group Shot!!

Big huge props and thanks to the international club for making this event happen and to donate all the proceeds to the rehabilitation and rebuilding of the Tohoku area.

I'll try to blog as often as i can!
For now i hoped you enjoyed the blog post!!


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  1. International food event. How cool : ) Wish I could go to Tokyo somehow.