Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Popteen February/March 2010 Spring Fashion

Spring is just around the corner and like the seasons, Fashion changes!
Are you guys equipped for Spring???
Popteen February/March 2010 shows us what is in trend for Fashion this spring!

I'm gonna start the Spring What's Hot and Trendy with
FASHION first.
With Spring, there a few different trends and themes that will be hot
So lets explore the different trends this Spring

According to Popteen's top model Kumiki :
The main fashion theme this year for is [soft], [gentle], [little mature].
Which means alot of Soft Chiffon with soft Grey and browns!

Kumiki point: Using "Lace" and "Vintage" to UP the Lady image is what we want to show off for fashion this year!

[A little Mature Sweet Girly is what we are aiming for]

This Season, no matter what it is, its all about

With the Vintage Boom that is the MEGA TREND around the world,
Popteen Models have also adopted the trend!
Cute like a Princess and Fashionable like a celebrity, Lace is definitely the Trend of 2010!

[This Spring, fall Crazy in love with Princess Celebrity Lace]

[10 ways of how to wear LACE]

1) "one piece lace dresses"
2) "Pure white Lace" has the beauty aura to transform you into the Love Goddess!"

3) Get the "Sweet Spicy Look" for your everyday look.
Master your "western" and "Military" mix co-ordination!
Mix in Lace with western or Military style to achieve the Shibuya Harajuku style!

4) "Bustier X Lace" for that Moe Sexy look. Choosing white cotton wont be too erotic, but completes the Moe Sexy look!

5) "Tunic & Cardigan" together with Demin and you'll get the MIX style!
6) "Color Lace" big recommendation~with pastel colors and even black, you can change your style and look fresh and new

7) "Flower pattern x Lace" mix items is the key to ultimate Kawaii~
8) "Lace accessories" how can we not add Lace to our accesories. (eg. lace on shoes, pouches)
9) NEW trend: "Dangling shirt + Lace" will be the next big boom!
10) "Lace Overalls" the boys style will be too cute to give up!

Fashion introductions can never be completed without Tsubasa's Recommendations!
"Its all about the Mature Lady Shibuya Harajuku style"

[This Spring, i'm interested in Lady type Mature Vintage]


Hope you guys enjoyed this! Remember to get your Lace on this Spring!
The next post will be on Makeup for spring!

stay tune~! i'm very excited for Spring's Makeup!!




  1. dear yoshimi,
    is the tanned gyaru look still trendy right now? I really want to look amura or b-gyaru, however i am afraid of the long term sun tanning effects damaging the skin. do you use any self tanner or bronzers to recommend to get the look?


  2. OMG all the lace dresses are soooo pretty. Thanks for all the scan and translations.

  3. thank you for the translations! very helpful~

  4. Thanks for translate it!! :D


    Mikki: yes it still is. but not super tan. just healthy glow tan is still very popular. i personally love the b-gyaru style.

    I really dont recommend going to a tanning salon, but going for natural tanning is fine. as long as you keep a good schedule.

    I usually use a bronzer and self tanner for my body if im going for the tan look. they work fine.

    Lisa J., Anonymous, Kanae : your welcome~