Monday, 1 March 2010

Popteen February/March 2010 Makeup

Hey Y'all

So i'm back with POPTEEN Spring 2010
MAKE UP~trend

There's a few KEY points to look out for in this year's Spring trend
and i think its wonderful!
Popteen hasnt take a lead in this kind of makeup before and i think it will be sooo much fun to try them out~

and i'm going to share with you guys these key points and the Big boom main theme for
makeup spring 210


[Relax Natural MORI Makeup]
[ラク盛りメイク」a.k.a [Raku mori Makeup]

What does that mean?
Well it means to have that gyaru big eye look BUT keeping it relaxed and natural.
maximize big eye effect with minimum makeup


Lets start with "YUI's" Example of the "Raku Mori Makeup"

KEY points of the Makeup

Eyebrow: Use a "Orange" eyepencil for natural golden eyebrows.
Draw in very lightly, gently and make it thin. Then fill in with orange tone shadow.

EyeShadow: Use a light brown gel shadow as a base and a Shimmer Pink shadow --> both on lower lids.
then choose a darker shade of brown and spread it all over the crease on your upper lids.

Eyeliner: Draw a *thin line* over the fake eyelashes and extend the line out for that "bigger eyes" effect.
NO eyeliner on the bottom line.

Cheek: Using a "Orange" blusher. Blend in the blusher under your cheekbones.
Using a "Pink" Blusher, locate the highest part of your cheekbones and blend in the blusher in a circle~
*Using a Bronzer*: shade the blusher in until the jawline to create that "Small face".

Highlight: Highlight a "Crescent moon" shape under your eyes and on your T-zone

Lip: Condition your lips with a lip cream first,
then gloss up your lips with a "nude pink" lipgloss


Here are some more different looks from "YUI" with the "Raku Mori Makeup"

SOME KEY POINTS and PRODUCT COLORS for different looks.

No eyeliner for bottom waterline

1) Dolly Face Makeup: Use a Deep Pink Blusher
and Light nude pink Lip Gloss

2) Healthy Face Makeup: Use a Orange Blusher
and Orange Lip Gloss

3) Baby Face Makeup: Use a White-Pinkish Blusher and circle in on the apple of your cheeks
Use a Popping Pink Lip Gloss

4) Sexy Face Makeup: Use a Shimmer Pink Blusher
and Cream Beige Lip Gloss


Here are some more examples of the crazy Big boom trend "Raku Mori Makeup"
with more colors but still keeping the trend of "no bottom eyeliner".


Along with the "Raku Mori Makeup", one of the biggest key points in this trend is

In order to create that big eye natural look without using eyeliner, bottom false lashes are the best way to add that extra volume and length you need with your eyes.

Invest in at least 3pairs of bottom lashes this spring! there's so many varieties to choose from!
choose the ones your comfortable with and the ones that compliments your eye shape and the style your aiming for!


For Big eyes and "Tare" eye look: Volume False lashes that thickens at the back. (1st girl)

For the Dolly look: Cut the lashes by few strands per group and stick them on one by one. (5th girl)

For the Impactful Big eye look: Put on false lashes all the way to the end of outer eye. (3rd girl)


The Key this spring is
maximize big eye effect with minimum makeup

"No eyeliner on the bottom water line" and "Using Bottom False lashes"
to create that Big eye look with natural makeup

Go and try! experiment with this new makeup trend!!

I'll be back soon with "HAIR & HAIR COLORS" for SPRING 2010




  1. Thank you! Do a tutorial on this soon if you have time~~ <3

  2. I really enjoy this post and you blog~

    and i'll repost this post and some other popteen translation to my personal blog.
    I hope that's ok :)
    and of course i will credit to you~


  3. anyone knows where to get an "orange" brow liner?

  4. Thank for this!

    I hope its okay if I decide to repost the pictures, I will of course credit you - and post the link you your translation ([]u[])y~

  5. Omgosh! I just went and got my first popteen! It's too pretty to resist! Thanks for the bits of translation! I can barely read kanji and it took me so long to read words like 'dolly' and 'sekshii'!


    xLeafClover, Jini, るうか, Naokichanslife, : my pleasure!
    Thanks for crediting me~!

    Sandra: i'm not sure where to get that in singapore. but i got mine from Tokyo. You can try mac.

    Hannah.ham: Congrats! you wont regret getting popteen!!

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