Sunday, 19 June 2011

going back to tokyo very soon

Hey Y'all

I've got exciting news!!!
I'm going back to Tokyo this August~

imma be starting college in September so im going to be your regular school kid but im gonna work on the side and blogging and all that for sure.

I've got loads plan up for the blog, hopefully i can see it through.
I'm also gonna get myself a desktop when i get to Japan. no macs for me though, i can't play my games on it.
so thats me first priority, i wanna get my hands on a gooooood desktop with tons of storage space.

I won't deny it, im a tad bit (maybe more) crazy with otome games. but you guys should know, once you go otome there's no way back

I'll be blogging about the new game that just arrived at my place a few days back.
i'm so excited! the male characters are sooooo DROOOOOOOL worthy! ( i mean imagine wolf boy and cat/rabbit ears.. yum!)

A sneak peek at the game



  1. congrats on getting back to Japan. ^^ I prefer PC's over Mac

    What is the name of the game? It looks really cool! I loooove the art! ;) Thanks

  2. wow i always wanted to soo to japan^^

  3. coool!i love the graphic for those kind of games..
    i wonder how different college is like in japan as compared to singapore O:
    cant wait till ur next post/update ...weee~~ (^w^)


  4. otome games forever !