Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Hey Dolls~

The weather is slowly getting cooler in Tokyo now~ thank goodness.
I honestly thought i would die from the extreme heat.

I had a awesome sushi lunch with Hitomi in Ikebukuro yesterday.
Sushi cant be compared anywhere else. Its always better in Japan hehe


oh and i'm finally moving into my new apartment next month.
i found a really nice place 3mins away from the station which is convenient and safe.
I cant wait to move in and decorate my place.

But for now, school starts tomorrow finally.
I'm actually excited to be going back to school. haven been in school for 4years now.
Last time i studied was Japanese and i was 17 back then.

Got my semester classes registered and i took a music appreciation and history elective on the side, which im nervous yet looking forward to.
Took the college placement test the other week... almost died cause i haven written a bloody essay in almost 6years now and i cant for my fucking life remember how to construct a essay.
but THANK GOD everything went smoothly and i somehow managed to skip both the reading and writing workshop and go straight into the major courses.

on a completely different note,
CONGRATS to Beyonce on being pregnant with her first child with Jay Z.
With that, i love her new song


Queen B never fails to impress me with her songs.
No one can compare to her vocally and her stage presence is undeniable

Well, enjoy the song.

Ferlyn Yoshimi

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  1. Hi!
    Just wondering what are you studying and which college is it?

    Congrats into getting what you want!
    Ganbatte~ ^^