Sunday, 25 September 2011

Season changing

Hey Y'all

Autumn has finally decided to grace Tokyo with her cool breeze~
It has gotten a lot cooler this past week. and it sure came as a surprise.

after the Typhoon passed Tokyo on Wednesday, temperatures dropped by a good 10degrees since.
oh did i mention classes were cancelled wednesday afternoon due to the typhoon, train lines were shut down and plenty of commuters were stranded into the night.
thank god i went home early and cooped myself in with a hot cuppa cocoa.

anyway here are updates of whats been happening the past few weeks.
School started and i loveee school. the teachers are great and the students are really nice.
its nice to hang out with kids my age, well most of them are younger than me so more often than not i feel like the big sister to em kids.

Last week, Marina turned 22 and a couple of us went to the bar lounge American in Shibuya for her birthday dinner.

the girl in the middle in white is the glorious Marina~

Takashi, Effie and Myself

Takashi~ with the mic. poor Takashi is always the object of teasing despite the fact he's 22 and the oldest of us all. for some lord knows reason, he decided to wear a suit to the dinner. got us ALL confused but thats Takashi for you~ ^_^ we love you Sode~!

dont ask. i dont know either....

After dinner, some of us headed on to the 2nd location. we went to a izakaya in Shibuya.

me and Shogo~ little boy's 19~ i've made so many lil brothers here hahaha.
Shogo got smashed that night.

the few of us went on to muse that night and everyone besides yours truly got absolutely smashed. i had my fair shares of crazy night and i'm on a path of sobriety. yeah... lol


Cheetah girls was trending on twitter yesterday and i re-watched all 3 movies
i remember wanting to be Chanel soooo badly haha

anyway, enjoy one of my favorite songs that came from the cheetah girls

Stay warm
Ferlyn Yoshimi

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