Sunday, 30 October 2011

After Mid terms

Hey Y'all

Before i post my Halloween stuff i wanna first do my after mid-term post!
I know~ i was suppose to update alot earlier but i had my mid-terms~

Which i did great by the way! yay me!
i'm such a nerd when it comes to studying, i love studying >_<

In school with Marina~
i finish class at 3pm on fridays and we're just sitting around for hours waiting for everyone else to finish class.

it was almost 8 when we got to the Izakaya in Shinjuku
there was a bunch of us almost 15 of us and we had to seperate into 2 tables which is always a bore. im not a fan of table separation, everyone goes off into small groups that way.

Yuki and Kan started pole dancing after a few drinks
i have a video, but due to viewer discretion and for your own good i'm not gonna post it up ^_^

We left to play billiard after that.
i have played billiard once in my entire life. i was so pathetic....
plus i'm left handed and i've got the shortest hands EVER.

and the Yuki + Kan drunk fest continues

I absolutely love the UFO catcher machines in Japan,
they've got all kindsa stuff


I really wanted the bedsheet!!!

I'll post up the halloween stuff in a few days!


Ferlyn Yoshimi


  1. That's the funniest way to play billard ever :3

  2. OMG can you come teach me how to love studying? I am meant to be atm but I cant help procrastinating LOL *sigh*

    HAHA @ your friend pole dancing haha :P what people do when a couple drinks are involved ;)