Sunday, 9 October 2011

Friday night

Hey Y'all

Oh with regards to the Ramen post, the shop name is called IchiRan. its in Ikebukuro. about 4mins away from the east exit.

ok, so friday nights are the best right! after a long week at school, the best way to rid of the stress is none other than the miracle water: ALCOHOL.

being in college is fun and all but the company is the best gift so far.
i love me schoolmates.

We were at this Mexican bar in Takadanobaba which Mirei-cyan frequents.
Check this out

and the Halloween menu's already out

I had my regular old Mojitos and Gin Tonics~ but the guys went on to order the halloween specials

Check this guy out: Gabriel Iglesias.
he's featured in RayWilliamJohnson's videos a lot lately.

But if you dont know, he's a pretty established Comedian.
I love his work! he makes the best Sound effects.

Check his video on "Drive Thru Voice"

Have a good weekend yall



  1. I love the halloween theme on them!

  2. Thank you very much for the information of Ramen Shop! :)

  3. {Wynterpon} here ~!!
    Nice to meet you, I just found your blog <3
    I speak Japanese too, and really bad Chinese xD
    Care to visit & follow my bloggie too~?
    It's called "Harajuku Gal" about fashion & make ♪
    Thanks you muchly (^o^)/ ~