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TRAVEL onsen trip: Shiobara Onsen (part 2)

Hey Y'all

I'm being good with the constant flow of updates. i honestly hope your still reading, if not i'm happy just writing and posting, looking back at fond memories.

anyhoooo, moving on.

Day 2

we finished our freshy fish lunch and decided to take the bus down to another location.
Bus route animated soooo cutely. dont you just love Japan.

only ones at the bus terminal. they werent any staffs in the office either, talk about taking it easy.

we arrive at the historic cave [ Gensan Cave 源三窟 ], which also happens to be a beautiful limestone cave.
"Legend said, Minamoto no Aritsuna the husband of Yoshitsune's daughter and also his samurai, hided here from Yoritomo when Yoritomo pursuing Yoshitsune to kill him. Aritsuna and Yoshitsune were separated from each others and Aritsuna hided here. However, when his soldier was polishing rice with the water of this cave, the white water was running out from the cave. The soldiers of Yoritomo found the white water and finally they caught Aritsuna"

goofing off around
how are the couples matchup??

Ilie X Rina

Juri X Naoki

Tohru X Albert

me X Irinka

after the speech given to us by the curator uncle about the historic importance of the cave, we made our way to the gate entrance of the cave

and was greeted by our narrator for the journey through the caves, how cute is he hohoho

depiction of how the samurais lived inside the cave

a little info on the cave

the walls of the caves were wet, really small and tight not to mention the steps were really steep and a little dangerous BUT fun! i felt like i went on a little cave adventure. truth to be told, i was spasming out... i never been to a limestone cave before, albeit its a small cave but a limestone cave nonetheless.

treasures found inside the cave preserved well over hundreds of years

Tohru (who is japanese btw) loves Japanese history and the age of the samurais. he taught me alot on the samurai spirit and the histories behind the treasures found here and what they are exactly.
the whole historic tour came out to be a very educational one, very different from what i thought i would get outta it. i came to appreciate Japanese history more than i ever had and learning them straight from Japanese friends is just an additional bonus. i not only got to enjoy this wonderful cave but i learn a ton of history from it.
what a way to spend my 600yen!!

Next stop was what i have been looking forward to ALL DAY.......

i haven been to a waterfall site in years now. i love the way the water pressure creates this calm and not to mention the fresh breeze it creates.

the getting there part was a CHORE.... we took the bus to the nearest bus stop and had to walk along the road without guiding trails leading up to the start of the trail.

what ya'll looking at?!

the trail up to the waterfall was interesting to say the least, it wasnt a total upward climb like how i imagined it to be. the trail went up and down and we had to walk on stones, there WAS NO PATH with the exception of a few stairs and bridges.

here's the entrance we finally came upon

little creaks and river spots on the way up

Suspension bridge which Rina is terrified of lol

up and up we go

Arrived at the 1st waterfall. the picture doesnt do it justice. it was soo much more prettier and the breeze coming from it was heavenly.

lets be on our way to the top~

not complete without Tohru's walking stick

and a little fun with the boys

we were all puzzled by this rock formation. this picture was taken in zoom. the rock formation was far out of human reach.

Finally at the top! standing tall above everyone else is the Ryuka Falls (竜化の滝)

it was truly a sight to behold. the force of the water was so strong that we had to be kept in a safe shelter. no one was allowed near it. it was gorgeous. brought so much spiritual calmness just admiring it.

that brings me to the end of my spring trip to Shiobara Onsen with my schoolmates.
it was sooo great

even though this post is what 3months late?!?!

still love yall

Ferlyn Yoshimi

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