Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Robot Restaurant Shinjuku

Hey everyone

I saw the coolest thing on my way home the other day, was walking to Shinjuku station with naoki when we saw 2 statue like things from afar.

we went closer and this is what we saw


this is freaking life size~ everyone was gathering around taking pictures of the two lovely robot ladies.
check out the seat located very suspiciously on their crotch area. apparently this robots are moveable when you seat, you can see 2 remote control-like sticks on either side on the seat to control movement.

I was spasm-ing out when i saw this~ hurhurhur i was like ROBOTS girls with BOOBS *squeals*

the car that was driving the robots around had this
Robot Restaurant OPEN ロボットレストランオープン


these robot girls were spotted all over shinjuku making every passerby stop and ogle at them hohoho


apparently the "Robot Restaurant" has been the talk of the town here in Shinjuku
with poster plastered vehicles driving around town promoting


The restaurant is a themed restaurant with gigantic robot operated by cute girls serving you drinks
and to amp it up, there will be dancers performing in "slotted time shows" a few times a night.



the burn in your wallet cost: 3000yen for entrance, table charge and drinks
Located in the busy street of kabuki-cho
For you guys out there, you might want to go check this out if your interested.

Ferlyn Yoshimi


  1. so beautiful and amazing , lovely pics.
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  2. Wha-... Well, another thing that one can find only in Japan... XD
    The tank with all the lights looks really awesome though!

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