Friday, 10 August 2012

school's out for the summer~

Hey everyone,

i'm finally done with my summer semester and SCHOOL'S OUT until
the spring semester begins in the fall this september.

its been a nightmare of a semester and i'm sooo glad its over and done with.
though i am going to miss tons of my schoolmates who are graduating. most of them
have been just the best people to be around with and i'm going to miss them dearly.

but summer is here and its time to let down those wavy locks and bring out the mojitos and head down to the beach for a good rest and relax session!

with that i'mma leave you with a picture of me in my red-beanie hat!

have a wonderful summer everyone!

should be back in a few days for my wonfest summer 2012 pictures. they have been sitting in my computer doing nothing.

ferlyn yoshimi