Monday, 16 July 2012

pig out day~food in Omotesando

Happy Umi no hi~
a.k.a Ocean Day

A holiday to commemorate the voyage that the Japanese Emperor made in 1876.
A national holiday which only means one thing = NO SCHOOL

i took this day to hang out with David and Karina in omotesando.
There must be a festival in Harajuku because when i transferred change in harajuku there were sooo many people and theres barricades and all.

anyway, i went out to "Cafe Madu" in Aoyama/Omotesando where we had wine and i had this fabulous

French Toast with Caramelized banana

Then we went over to the Chocolate bar nearby "cacao sampaka"

and had this amazing dark chocolate mousse cake and wine to compliment it

After our stomachs were filled and we were stuffed, we head on to David's apartment in Shinjuku which is gorgeous by the way and did i mention he has 2 cats! both of the Persian family.
the purpose for today was actually to do our mass media project which we decided on a radio show since its easy and fast to do. we did our recording at his place and my part was "celebrity gossip" which i unfortunately am obsessed with. i can score a easy 100 if there was ever a celebrity gossip pop quiz.

Not forgetting dinner, we head on over to a Indian restaurant for some nan and curry!
I even had tapioca tea! aka Bubble tea wooooohooooo

I'm sooooo stuffed now. just came back to my apartment and i have to rush out my history essay >_< booooo.
Anyway, i'm pretty sure i gained like 5pounds from all the eating i did

happy umi no hi again~ tons of folks take this holiday to head on to the beach for a nice holiday. i might do that next year! the beach sounds nice with this beautiful summer weather.

i hope you guys had a b-e-a-utiful weekend!!!

Ferlyn Yoshimi

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